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SchoolPsychologyTech.Org is a website dedicated to the use of technology to support best practices in school psychology.  The content is based on the work of Dr. Brandon K. Schultz, associate professor at East Carolina University, and director of the school behavior consultation lab (bio below).  We use this site to announce our work, summarize important findings, and provide free resources directly to teachers and school psychologists.  Dr. Schultz's scholarly work is summarized in the two volumes below.

School Mental Health Services for Adolescents


This volume provides a range of expert guidance on implementation of school mental health services in secondary schools. The significance of this information cannot be overstated, as only 20% of children and adolescents who need such services receive them. Schools are a logical venue for service provision because emotional and behavioral problems interfere with academic achievement, and a lack of access to mental health services is a major barrier to treatment for youth. Authors discuss services that can be implemented by school-based professionals and methods of overcoming implementation barriers. Chapters cover the history and need for services, issues of identification and referral for treatment in schools, descriptions of evidence-based interventions, proposed service delivery models, assessment strategies, and integration of mental health programs in schools. 

A Practical Guide to Implementing School-Based Interventions for Adolescents with ADHD


This volume details counseling interventions for the academic and social impairments experienced by secondary students with ADHD. It addresses the continuing debate over counseling youths with ADHD by identifying key elements common to reputable therapies and suggesting a framework for their successful implementation. The core of the book focuses on the Challenging Horizons Program (CHP), a behavioral and solutions-focused approach to counseling adolescents with ADHD that has been studied extensively for more than 20 years. The CHP is an evidence-based practice, based largely on the research conducted by the authors.

A free preview of the book is available here.

Brandon K. Schultz is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at East Carolina University (ECU). Dr. Schultz has a background in school counseling, receiving a Master’s in Education from Frostburg State University in Maryland, before attaining a doctorate in school psychology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. From 2002 to 2013, Dr. Schultz provided school psychological services and clinical supervision during several research projects examining the Challenging Horizons Program, first at James Madison University and then at Ohio University. Currently, Dr. Schultz teaches in the pediatric school psychology doctoral program at ECU and directs the School Behavior Consultation Lab. His current research focuses on evidence-based program implementation strategies in public schools, with a special interest in technology-assisted approaches.

East Carolina University

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The School Behavior Consultation Lab @ ECU

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