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Dr. Schultz's Publications

ORCid Record (Partial List)


Google Scholar Profile (Comprehensive List with Citation History)

Peer-reviewed Publications:


  1. Weist, M.D., Garbacz, A., Schultz, B.K., Bradshaw, C.P., & Lane, K.L. (2023). Revisiting the percentage of K-12 students in need of preventive interventions in a "peri-COVID" era: Implications for the implementation of tiered programming. Prevention Science. Advance online publication:

  2. Schultz, B.K., Evans, S.W., Bowditch, J., Carter, K., Rogers, E.E., Donelan, J., & Dembowski, A. (2023). Acceptability and playability of an organization training videogame for young adolescents with ADHD: The development of ATHEMOS. PLOS Digital Health, (11), e0000374.

  3. Schultz, B.K., Lynch, O.S., Kininger, R.L., & Gonzales, C.R. (2021). Modular therapy with academic supports: Three case studies in a high needs setting. Contemporary School Psychology

  4. Evans. S.W., Beauchaine, T.P., Chronis-Tuscano, A., Becker, S.P., Chacko, A., Gallagher, R., Hartung, C.M., Kofler, M.J., Schultz, B.K., Tamm, L., & Youngstrom, E.A. (2021). The efficacy of cognitive videogame training for ADHD and what FDA clearance means for clinicians. Evidence-Based Practice in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Advance online publication:

  5. Schultz, B.K., Al-Hammori, D., Mirabelli, K., & Gaither, L. (2020). Mental health services in North Carolina's public schools. North Carolina Medical Journal, 81, 111-115.

  6. Kininger, R.L., O’Dell, S.M., & Schultz, B.K. (2018). The feasibility and effectiveness of school-based modular therapy: A systematic literature review. School Mental Health. Advance online publication.

  7. Fischer, A.J., Erchul, W.P., & Schultz, B.K. (2018). Teleconsultation as the new frontier of educational and psychological consultation: Introduction to the special issue. Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation. Advance online publication.

  8. Schultz, B.K., Zoder-Martell, K.A., Fischer, A.J., Collier-Meek, M.A., Erchul, W.P., & Schoemann, A.M. (2017). When is teleconsultation acceptable to school psychologists? Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation. Advance online publication.

  9. Schultz, B.K., Evans, S.W., Langberg, J.M., & Schoemann, A.M. (2017). Outcomes for adolescents who comply with long-term psychosocial treatment for ADHD. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 85, 250-261. 

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  12. Evans, S.W., Langberg, J.M., Schultz, B.K., Vaughn, A., Altaye, M., Marshall, S.A. & Zoromski, A.K., (2016). Evaluation of a school-based treatment program for young adolescents with ADHD. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 84, 15-30.

  13. Fischer, A.J., Schultz, B.K., Collier-Meek, M.A., Zoder-Martell, K.A., & Erchul, W.P.

    (2016). A critical review of videoconferencing software to support school consultation.

    International Journal of School and Educational Psychology. Advance online publication.

  14. Von der Embse, N., Schultz, B.K., & Draughn, J. (2015). Readying students to test: The influence of fear and efficacy appeals on anxiety and test performance. School Psychology International, 36, 620-637.

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  17. Schultz, B.K., & Evans, S.W. (2012). Sources of bias in teacher ratings of adolescents with ADHD. Journal of Educational and Developmental Psychology, 2, 151-162.  OPEN ACCESS

  18. Schultz, B.K., Storer, J., Watabe, Y., Sadler, J., & Evans, S.W. (2011). School-based treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Psychology in the Schools, 48, 254-262.

  19. Sadler, J.M., Evans, S.W., Schultz, B.K., & Zoromski, A.K. (2011). Potential mechanisms of action in the treatment of social impairment and disorganization with adolescents with ADHD. School Mental Health, 3, 156-168. 

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  29. Schultz, B.K., Levinson, E.M., & Ohler, D. (2002). A review of the web-based version of the career key interest inventory. Career Planning and Adult Development Journal, 18, 33-36.

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