This presentation was given at Eastern AHEC on March 12, 2020.  It touches on ADHD diagnosis, cost-effective assessment, common elements of intervention, and modifications for overcoming implementation challenges. There was a focus on critical developmental changes over time and how those changes impact each of the discussion areas. 

This is the presentation used at The Parent Forum: ADHD in Trent Woods, NC. Special thanks to Anne Marie Latham for inviting me to speak at the meeting. It was nice to meet everyone!

The majority of children and adolescents with mental illness receive no psychological treatment, and those that do rarely receive evidence-based practices. The School Mental Health Movement is an attempt to address this need by expanding high-quality mental health services in public schools, but results have been mixed. This session introduced the goals and objectives of the school mental health movement and provided a critical examination of implementation efforts to date. Specific recommendations will be offered to strengthen these efforts in eastern North Carolina based on proven delivery models and innovations currently being tested at East Carolina University.

More information about this presentation is available in our Blog.